A Reflection on Classism

I was raised in the lesson that having a grateful heart

– despite not having a home to live in at times –

meant you had a full life.

Recently a person’s car died in the driveway of a store my husband and I were going to.
The driver had their head hung, sitting there in the car alone, crying. 
DOZENS of cars passed.
We parked and walked over at the same time as two other people walked up.

Together, the four of us were able to push the car into a parking spot and then we checked in to make sure the driver was doing okay, emotionally.

Why were SO many people able to drive by without batting an eye?

Why did SO many people glare for getting in their way, but not feel compelled to do anything about the situation?

Isn’t this why we built, and live in societies? To help each other get through life?

Our opportunities to connect with people are everywhere.

And these connections help us all.

Be generous when you can.

Questions I’m asking myself today:

  • How do you keep your heart full of gratitude?
  • How do you help others not have to go without their needs?
  • How do you connect with people?
  • How do you show people they matter?
  • How do you build a sense of belonging for those in your community?
  • How do you give back when you have abundance?

Continuing my journey of having a heart for people…

Jenesis Rose




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