Our Love Story

This is the story of how my husband and I met…

We started talking and getting to know each other,

then we met up for an OSU football game with a group of friends in October, 2013.

We then started dating and ‘made it official’ March 10, 2013.

I was finishing my Honors Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

He had a little more than two years to go to finish his Bachelor’s degree Natural Resources.

We went on adventures together; hikes, walks downtown, beach trips, mountain drives.

We ate amazing food; we went out and tried new restaurants, and we cooked together on date nights in.

I shared my family’s Persian recipes, and my soon-to-be Mr. shared his family’s Kentucky comfort food.

We made great memories as we explored our passions together.

We talked for HOURS.

We fell in love.

On 12-13-14 He purposed to me at the top of Mt. Hood (where he first said “I love you” on our first Spring Break adventure to the mountain) at Timberline Lodge after we enjoyed a delicious dinner and sat by a window looking out over the romantic winter wonderland outside.

On August 15, 2015 we said “I do”

and committed to encourage, inspire, laugh with, and comfort each other

in good times and in bad,

when life seems easy

and when it seems hard,

when our love is simple,

and when it is an effort,

for the rest of our days.

We have been living and working together ever since.

We graduated from college in June or 2016.

Jonathan with his B.S. in Natural Resources, me with my Masters in Education.

Living our happily ever after!


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