Self-Care 101: Painting

One of my favorite ways to self-care is to paint! I learned how to paint in high school art classes. I remember trying to get as many hours of art on my schedule as I could every term and loving each one!

Have you taken art classes before?

My teachers have all helped me to create art that I love! I have always appreciated finding opportunities to make art I love, to share with a friend! This piece is going to a coworker of mine who in return made a cross stitch for our home.

I have the basics down, and can usually find the inspiration here and there. If I need tips for projects I typically look up helpful videos on YouTube or check out Pinterest!

I like to keep a small stock of basic acrylic painting supplies on hand. It’s a hobby that doesn’t take up much space or cost very much to keep up. I store my items in our guest room.

Do you have space where you could store a few items for a new hobby? After reading about this self-care task, do you have ideas for ways you could use painting in your self-care plan?

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • Do you have a desire to paint?
  • Have you painted before?
  • Are you curious about painting, and interested in learning more?
  • Where might you want to hang a painting in your home?
  • Do you have a friend you’d like to gift a painting?
  • Do you have / Can you get the basic supplies you’ll need? (for an acrylic or oil painting you’ll want blue, red, yellow, white paint – possibly some brown or black paint, brushes, canvas)
  • What will your painting be of? What do you enjoy? Can you find a photo for inspiration? Check out my Crafits/DIY Pinterest board for ideas!

You may be nervous to get started on a painting if it’s been a while since you last picked up a brush! That’s totally normal. It’s important to note that you’re a bit nervous/excited! When you are enjoying this new hobby, and when you finish your first project, you’ll be able to truly reflect on how far you’ve come!

I’d love to learn about your self-care plans, challenges, and successes. Thanks for reading.

Continuing my journey of having a heart for people…

 Jenesis Rose


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