Self-Care as a Couple

I have always said I love love.

What I mean by that is that I LOVE love stories! And, I love helping to build love stories.

I have helped many people see their relationship challenges and overcome them through looking inward and authentically asking for what they need.

Asking for what you need can be an essential first step to achieving an authentically happy relationship.

As my husband and I established our relationship and discovered our relationship needs, we learned how to communicate them through practice.

I intentionally set aside time for my hobbies, as does he. We both enjoy our hobbies together and encourage each others pursuits.

I need time with my friends, as does he – this doesn’t take away from our ability to spend as much time together as we need.

We have lots of hobbies and desires in common, so we regularly set aside time to work on bringing all of our passions into fruition!

This way of living helps us find more excitement and appreciation for the time we spend with each other. 

Being in an authentic relationship allows you to get to know someone on a uniquely deep level. In relationships, we hopefully are able to learn not only about our partner but about ourselves. Life is all about self-awareness and being close to another person can help you become more aware of your authentic self.

The first step to having a happier relationship is identifying factors that are influencing your lifestyle and relationship. If you find that you treat your partner in a way that makes them unhappy, that’s probably a good place to start some self-reflection:

  • Why do you act that way?
  • What did they say that caused that emotional response?
  • Did you express your feelings clearly?
  • When should you revisit this conversation with your partner to ensure you were heard correctly?

Remember, we’re all figuring this life thing out – one day at a time.

Continuing my journey of having a heart for people…

Jenesis Rose


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