Self-Care 101: Painting

One of my favorite ways to self-care is to paint! I learned how to paint in high school art classes. I remember trying to get as many hours of art on my schedule as I could every term and loving each one!

Have you taken art classes before?

My teachers have all helped me to create art that I love! I have always appreciated finding opportunities to make art I love, to share with a friend! This piece is going to a coworker of mine who in return made a cross stitch for our home. Continue reading


Self-Care as a Couple

I have always said I love love.

What I mean by that is that I LOVE love stories! And, I love helping to build love stories.

I have helped many people see their relationship challenges and overcome them through looking inward and authentically asking for what they need.

Asking for what you need can be an essential first step to achieving an authentically happy relationship.

As my husband and I established our relationship and discovered our relationship needs, we learned how to communicate them through practice. Continue reading

Life is about: finding the people and places that help you feel that you belong



Life is about finding the people and places that help you feel that you belong. This message is one that I have come to understand much more deeply in the last few years.

As a first-generation American, and experiencing college as a first-generation student, I had many experiences where I was reminded that I did not belong. If you consider the outsider perspective of having to elbow your way into a situation, you can easily see that engaging in opportunities not designed for you can be exhausting, and requires much strength. Through these two identities, I have experienced numerous examples of this feeling. Continue reading