Self-Care as a Couple

I have always said I love love.

What I mean by that is that I LOVE love stories! And, I love helping to build love stories.

I have helped many people see their relationship challenges and overcome them through looking inward and authentically asking for what they need.

Asking for what you need can be an essential first step to achieving an authentically happy relationship.

As my husband and I established our relationship and discovered our relationship needs, we learned how to communicate them through practice. Continue reading


Our Love Story

This is the story of how my husband and I met…

We started talking and getting to know each other,

then we met up for an OSU football game with a group of friends in October, 2013.

We then started dating and ‘made it official’ March 10, 2013.

I was finishing my Honors Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

He had a little more than two years to go to finish his Bachelor’s degree Natural Resources.

We went on adventures together; hikes, walks downtown, beach trips, mountain drives. Continue reading