Self-Care 101: Hiking

Happy Feet

These are the happiest feet in Bend, Oregon.

My husband, dog, and I all love to hike! When we were falling in love, one of our favorite ways to spend time together was exploring new hikes together. The freedom to enjoy nature, let our minds wander, and discuss anything that came to mind brought us so close!

We recently moved to Bend from Corvallis, Oregon. In Corvallis our favorite hike was in the Dunn Forest. Here, we have found amazing trails just about a 10 minute drive from our home!

What we look for in our perfect hike:

  • Secluded area – National forests are the best!
  • Heavily treed areas
  • Relatively flat trails
  • Wide paths for the pup to stay by our side (and so we can hold hands sometimes)

What do you look for in your perfect hike?

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Self-Care 101: Painting

One of my favorite ways to self-care is to paint! I learned how to paint in high school art classes. I remember trying to get as many hours of art on my schedule as I could every term and loving each one!

Have you taken art classes before?

My teachers have all helped me to create art that I love! I have always appreciated finding opportunities to make art I love, to share with a friend! This piece is going to a coworker of mine who in return made a cross stitch for our home. Continue reading