A Reflection on Classism

I was raised in the lesson that having a grateful heart

– despite not having a home to live in at times –

meant you had a full life.

Recently a person’s car died in the driveway of a store my husband and I were going to.
The driver had their head hung, sitting there in the car alone, crying. 
DOZENS of cars passed.
We parked and walked over at the same time as two other people walked up.

Together, the four of us were able to push the car into a parking spot and then we checked in to make sure the driver was doing okay, emotionally.

Why were SO many people able to drive by without batting an eye?

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Life is about: finding the people and places that help you feel that you belong



Life is about finding the people and places that help you feel that you belong. This message is one that I have come to understand much more deeply in the last few years.

As a first-generation American, and experiencing college as a first-generation student, I had many experiences where I was reminded that I did not belong. If you consider the outsider perspective of having to elbow your way into a situation, you can easily see that engaging in opportunities not designed for you can be exhausting, and requires much strength. Through these two identities, I have experienced numerous examples of this feeling. Continue reading